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2018-5-23 22:30 hungchunsing
品牌總監 Brand Director

職位簡介制定並實施公司品牌發展規劃和經營策略,負責公司品牌調研、設計、開拓、建設、傳播和管理,確保公司各品牌市場競爭力。工作地點:河南省鄭州市崗位職責 Roles and Responsibilities:1、負責擬定,並協助集團制定公司品牌發展規劃,經營策略,實施計劃。Responsible for organizing and assisting the Group in formulating corporate brand development plans, business strategies and implementation plans.2、負責公司品牌設計、開拓、建設、傳播和管理維護的具體實施。Responsible for the company’s brand design, development, construction, dissemination and management and maintenance of the specific implementation.3、負責探索和建立公司品牌建設的方式和工具,建立高效的品牌管理體系及品牌標識系統。Responsible for exploring and establishing the company’s brand building methods and tools, and establishing an efficient brand management system and brand identify system.4、制定完善品牌管理制度與流程、實施規範、高效和科學化的管理。Formulate and improve brand management system and process, implement standard, efficient and scientific management.5、負責公司新品牌的市場調研、設計開發,確保公司各類品牌市場競爭力。Responsible for the company’s new brand of market research, design and development, to ensure that the company’s various brands of market competitiveness.6、確保公司的廣告傳播的策略和投入能增加品牌體驗,做好目標消費群調查和品牌跟踪調查。Ensuring that the company’s advertising dissemination strategies and inputs can increase brand experience and target consumer group surveys and brand tracking surveys.7、確保產品文化滿足更準確的、更深層次的用戶需求,為品牌帶來正面的影響,提升品牌的形象。Ensure that the product culture meets more accurate and deeper user needs, positively impacts the brand and enhances the image of the brand.8、對旗下酒店進行公關策略、視覺傳達等的指導和約束。Guides and constraints on public relations strategies, visual communication, etc. for their hotels.任職資格 Requirements:1. 本科及以上學歷,品牌相關專業,國際化大型公司總部同等職位經歷。Bachelor degree or above, major in brand related, international company headquarters equivalent position experience.2. 優先考慮熟悉關於酒店行業基本運作,了解酒店各個區域的運營程序。Prefer people be familiar with the basic operation and procedures of the hotel industry.3. 優異的中英文語言、文字功底,突出的組織和行政能力。Excellent Chinese and English language and writing skills, outstanding organizational and administrative skills.4. 擁有建立集團公司品牌標準的能力。People who has the ability to establish brand standards for group companies.5. 維護與員工間的關係,有利於提高士氣及公司的團隊精神。Maintaining relations with employee helps improve morale and company team spirit.6. 較強的面對棘手問題的能力,提供有效的解決方法,應對挑戰。Strong ability to face tough problems, provide effective solutions and meet challenges

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